Pinnacle Realty Services

Our Mission

Pinnacle Realty Services is a leading property management company in the greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey region. We strive to provide the very best in real estate counsel for our clients, while taking on the responsibility of enhancing each client's property revenue. Pinnacle works with each Association's Board to develop a plan to increase property values by assessing each community's needs, implementing preventative maintenance programs, ascertaining capital improvement requirements while keeping in mind that fees must be maintained at a level consistent with what has been charged historically.

It is our personal commitment to protect and promote the interest of our clients; maintain the fiduciary duties a licensed Realtor has to the client, including reasonable care, undivided loyalty, full disclosure and confidentiality. We aggressively promote the effective and efficient use of the company's services for the benefit of our clients; and actively assist our clients in improving their competitiveness and financial return.

We believe in adhering to simple principles of business practices including honesty, integrity and accountability. Because the cornerstone of our business is integrity, the firm has gained a reputation for giving its clients the attention they deserve, something that is often hard to find today.

Pinnacle Realty Services prides itself on being structured and standing ready to provide each client with the highest level of service available in the industry.

All of the physical needs of our clients are handled through a services coordinator. The services coordinator is responsible for answering calls and helping clients with any questions or concerns that they may have -- from repairs, to leasing, to a billing statement, the services coordinator is there to meet the needs of Pinnacle clients immediately. Part of Pinnacle's success is a result of not having to make its clients wait or get lost in the maze of customer service departments or voicemail. Answers are just a phone call away.

"Driven to exceed your expectations."